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Facebook IPO and beyond: Catherine Tucker sees rich new revenue source in social advertising

Much of the attention on Facebook’s initial public offering this week has been on whether the social networking giant is valued too highly. But whatever its current worth, Facebook has a potentially huge new source of revenue coming its way from “social advertising.” According to a new research paper I’ve just published, Facebook itself is […]

Facebook “Frenemies Like These”: trustworthiness of advice on Social Media

Log on to Facebook or Twitter any time of day, and you’ll find a familiar scene: people asking questions. “In a book rut – can anyone recommend a good novel?” “Boyfriend and I had a fight – should I dump him?” or “Am shopping for a new suit — which color would look best on me?” […]

LinkedIn: When the party ends–MIT Leadership Center director discusses recent IPO

From the Washington Post LinkedIn’s recent IPO is generating tremendous buzz in the world of high-tech and the financial markets. Doubling your stock price doesn’t happen every day, so company euphoria is completely understandable. In fact, passing around the champagne and caviar is a good thing. Company employees should be able to party when good news […]

Will the next innovative business emerge through social media? MIT $100K launches YouTube pitch contest

In the world of entrepreneurship, 60 seconds can make or break a new venture. It’s long enough for an “elevator pitch” and therefore long enough for an investor to decide whether it’s worth spending the time to learn more. While the business plan remains an important element of fundraising, the ability to capture a VC’s […]