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Erik Brynjolfsson: New e-book outlines promise and peril of digital revolution

From Economics of Information Blog Andy McAfee and I have just released a short e-book, Race Against the Machine. In it, we try to reconcile two important facts. 1) Technology continues to progress rapidly. In fact, the past decade has seen the fastest productivity growth since the 1960s, but 2) median wages and employment have both […]

China aims high

Viewed from the West, China’s new Five-Year Plan, the 12th since the Communist Party took power, has an anachronistic feel.  The exercise itself evokes images of a heavy-handed, retrograde state and dour bureaucrats issuing orders from on high. But beneath the dry, technical language of the document, which the National People’s Congress endorsed this month, […]

The Wisconsin virus: Some facts to control the spread

As the battle over public service wages, benefits, and collective bargaining rights spreads like a virus across the nation, it’s time to consider whether public sector unionism is really the evil that is being portrayed in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Are public unions really the primary cause of the financial challenges facing cities and states? Or […]