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S.P. Kothari: India’s Faltering Boom, and How to Revive It

From Forbes.com  As the U.S. and Europe teeter on the edge of a devastating double-dip recession, India’s economic boom—once considered a bright spot in an otherwise bleak global financial landscape—is also showing signs of weakness. The International Monetary Fund recently cut its growth projection for India, warning that the country was perilously close to double-digit […]

Inflation’s impact on economic recovery

Professor of Applied Economics Roberto Rigobon, co-creator of the Billion Prices Project at MIT, asserts that countries with higher inflation are recovering more slowly from the global financial crisis. During a talk that was part of MIT Sloan’s Alumni Weekend, he predicts there will be another financial crisis and that governments will again over-react in […]

A New Way of Tracking Inflation

Inflation is a crucial economic indicator in every country, closely monitored by governments, financial markets, and consumers around the world. Yet for nearly a century, the way prices are collected and measured has pretty much remained the same. In the U.S. alone, hundreds of government workers go to retailers and businesses around the country to […]