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Corporations hoard cash as a precautionary measure

Academic studies have shown that over the past few decades, public firms are increasingly holding large amounts of cash. Curiously, much of this build up in cash savings can be attributed to cash saved from seasoned share issues, which are sales of equity by already public companies. I examined the share-issuance cash savings of a […]

After the Debt Ceiling Debate and S & P’s Credit Downgrade, Picking an Investment Adviser in an Unruly Market: S.P. Kothari

    From Dow Jones Marketwatch S.P. Kothari, deputy dean at the MIT Sloan School of Management and a former Barclays fund manager, talks about what investors should look for in choosing an investment adviser to steer them through these turbulent markets. What do you think?

Containing Contagion

It started with Greece and its $100-plus billion bailout package last May. Next came Ireland: in November, it accepted a similarly hefty financial rescue. And now the European debt crisis is at risk of spreading like a virus to countries perceived by the markets to have similar vulnerabilities. Other countries that appear at risk for […]