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Asst. Prof. Andrey Malenko: Types of Bidders are Key Factor in Corporate Takeovers

The market for corporate control is staggeringly large. In 2007 alone, the value of M&A transactions in the world was $4.8 trillion. Even in the wake of the economic crisis, it’s still a very active market with many complex features. One of these features is the type of bidders involved in a corporate takeover auction. […]

Jackie Wilbur on the Master of Finance Program: Confronting Global Challenges

In the last few months, the Occupy Wall Street movement has brought a lot of attention to the finance industry. However, MIT’s Sloan School of Management has been focused on this area for over 40 years. Our finance faculty have been conducting cutting-edge research, and rigorously teaching our students, ensuring that our finance students are […]

“Can Goldman Sachs Fail?”–Simon Johnson at the INET Conference, Bretton Woods

“Who in the room thinks that if Goldman Sachs hit a rock, a hypothetical rock — I’m not saying they have, I’m not saying they will — today, who here thinks they would be allowed to fail, like Lehman Brothers did, unimpeded by any government bailout, starting Monday morning? Can Goldman Sachs fail?” “I’ve asked […]

Containing Contagion

It started with Greece and its $100-plus billion bailout package last May. Next came Ireland: in November, it accepted a similarly hefty financial rescue. And now the European debt crisis is at risk of spreading like a virus to countries perceived by the markets to have similar vulnerabilities. Other countries that appear at risk for […]