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John Sterman on the Great October Snowstorm: Utilities need to cut trees, not costs

From the Boston Globe, November 5, 2011 NEARLY A WEEK after the Great October Snowstorm, thousands were still without power yesterday. Many blame the utilities for delays in restoring the juice, while the utilities argue that trees in full leaf caused unusually high damage. The real problem, however, is the failure of the utilities to […]

Jackie Wilbur: MBA job offers back to pre-recession numbers

Despite the ongoing economic turmoil, the job numbers for our MBA class of 2011 are very strong. In fact, we’re back to the same offer rates we saw before the recession. As of this writing, 94% of the class has an offer. This is up from 81% last year and closely matches the 93.4% we […]

MIT Sloan economist on “Pain at the Pump”

My latest research* looks at how consumers adjust to high gas prices by changing the kinds of car they buy, and the prices they pay. What launched this research was the debate around the effectiveness of a gas tax to reduce climate change; the goal was to determine whether consumers undervalue fuel economy. If consumers do undervalue […]

MIT Energy Conference keeps them coming back

When I returned home to New York from this year’s MIT Energy Conference (MITEC), I was inspired, and, yes, energized.  Colleagues and friends kept asking me all week what’s so great about “yet another” energy conference.  Excellent question. One thing that makes this conference so special is that it is completely run by MIT students, […]