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MIT Sloan grad on the “sharing economy,” the next big trend in social commerce

My first entrepreneurial venture in the so-called “sharing economy” happened accidentally. It was 2009, and I had just moved to Cambridge, MA to start at MIT Sloan. I brought my car with me because I was sure I would need it. As it turned out, the only time I used it was to go grocery […]

Duncan Simester on customer response: Why guess and get it wrong when you could do a little experimenting and get it right?

The business pages are filled with examples of companies that have taken big hits to their brands because they’ve made marketing decisions that ran afoul of customer expectations. Take Netflix, and its aborted scheme to divide its streaming and DVD video offerings. Netflix could have avoided its embarrassing reversal if it had experimented on this […]

How to improve products? Survey consumers with “active machine learning”

When you buy a house, it would be irrational to search every possible house on the market. Instead, you narrow down your choices based on things like price, location, and number of bedrooms. The same thing happens when you buy a car. You might only look at sporty coupes or hybrid vehicles. Everyone has their […]

New Study: Internet ads undermine local advertising bans to protect children

According to a new study by Catherine Tucker, a marketing professor at MIT Sloan, efforts by the World Health Organization (WHO) to limit junk food marketing to kids may ineffective if they mimic current bans on local alcohol advertising. From cigarettes, to violent video games, to fatty or sugary foods, Tucker’s research, which examines local […]