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Cynthia Rudin: Using Data to Predict Your Future Health

From Huffington Post Have you ever gone on a trip and unexpectedly found yourself in need of medical care? What if your condition could have been predicted? Better yet, what if you already had the medicine needed to treat that condition in your luggage? The Hierarchical Association Rule Model (HARM), which I co-developed with Tyler McCormick of […]

Product quality ratings: New research shows secret formulas yield questionable results

Consumers rely on product quality rankings to make decisions about all sorts of things, from which graduate school to apply to, to which mutual funds to invest in, to which digital camera to buy. But in light of that fact that many independent rating companies score products using a formula kept strictly confidential, do these […]

Is reducing risk always worth the price?

A 2008 academic study showed that changing the configuration of the runways of Los Angeles International Airport’s North Airfield would reduce the number of deaths caused by runway accidents. But the panel’s recommendation of what to do about that surprised just about everyone. MIT Sloan Professor Arnold Barnett chaired the panel, which included faculty from […]

Air crash or urban crime—which is more likely to get you?

The risk of being killed in an air crash and the risk of being killed as the victim of an urban crime both have declined dramatically in recent years. And yet, while one is still much more likely to happen than the other, we disproportionately focus and worry about the least likely—of the two—way we […]