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LGO students talk labor issues with Prof. Thomas Kochan ahead of May 8-9 conference

The migration in manufacturing jobs and facilities from the U.S. to China and other countries has been getting a lot of attention lately. Recently my LGO classmate Benj Christensen and I had the opportunity to discuss labor issues over lunch with Thomas A. Kochan, Professor of Work and Employment Research and Engineering Systems at MIT’s […]

Thomas Kochan: It’s Time to Act on the Jobs Crisis

From Harvard Business Review Blog Network America is struggling with the worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression with no clear path toward restoring the jobs lost in the Great Recession and no strategy for overcoming three decades of stagnating wages. Failure to address these twin dimensions of the jobs crisis will doom our children […]

Thomas Kochan: U.S. Companies Versus the U.S. Economy

From Harvard Business Review It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that the United States needs well-educated, technically skilled workers if it’s to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Just as obvious: We need a robust middle class with adequate disposable income and a sense that our economic system is working in a reasonably fair way. Yet business […]

Jackie Wilbur: MBA job offers back to pre-recession numbers

Despite the ongoing economic turmoil, the job numbers for our MBA class of 2011 are very strong. In fact, we’re back to the same offer rates we saw before the recession. As of this writing, 94% of the class has an offer. This is up from 81% last year and closely matches the 93.4% we […]

Paul Osterman: ‘Moneyball’ lessons for the economy

From USA Today In the book (and now film) Moneyball, general manager Billy Beane transforms the Oakland Athletics by recognizing that overlooked players contribute value to a team. He overturns conventional wisdom, indeed upends baseball’s domination by wealthier teams,by using data to measure performance. What he learns can also apply to the economic challenges we face today. When people think and […]