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Go inside the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

Companies created through MIT’s $100K Entrepreneurship Competition have created businesses worth $16 billion and generated nearly 5,000 new jobs. But the competition is stiff. Kara Miller, host of WGBH Radio’s “Innovation Hub,” takes you inside the competition and introduces you to this year’s winners who may have created the next big thing – while trying […]

“Collective Intelligence 2012”: Prof. Tom Malone on how new technologies are changing the ways people and computers work together

Collective intelligence, in some form, has been around at least as long as humans have.  Families, armies, countries, and companies have all—at least sometimes—acted collectively in ways that seem intelligent. But in the last few years, a new kind of collective intelligence has begun to emerge: groups of people and computers, connected by the Internet, […]

Erik Brynjolfsson on Big Data: A revolution in decision-making improves productivity

There is a fundamental change underway in the way that companies make decisions. Instead of relying on a leader’s gut instincts, an increasing number of companies are embracing a new method that involves data-based analytics. This ‘Big Data’ revolution is occurring mainly because technology enables firms to gather extremely detailed information from and propagate knowledge […]

From Data to Decisions: Lessons from Davos, 2012

We are at the beginning of the Big Data era, and there is widespread anticipation that this will be a huge benefit to companies. I’ve been attending the World Economic Forum in Davos and in my `Data to Decisions’ panel we heard CEOs tell how Big Data can reinvent everything from CRM to internal processes […]

MIT Sloan MBA Areta Shum on the Seattle “Tech Trek”

After a fun and rigorous core semester, it’s finally winter break, but I’m not hitting the slopes or soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere warm. Instead, I signed up to go to Seattle with 17 other MIT Sloan students on a technology career trek. While this may sound like an unusual way to […]