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Christopher Knittel: Don’t Blame It on the Rain–Ethanol Mandate Is a Bad Idea in Any Year

From Huffington Post The long drought will have real consequences for the nation’s food and energy markets. But it also creates an opportunity for Washington to take a hard look at the Bush-era mandate known as the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), which requires that 10 percent of the gasoline we put in our cars be comprised of […]

Christopher Knittel: Claims of ethanol’s effect on gasoline prices based on flawed models

A few years ago, I was a bit skeptical when I heard some of the claims being made by supporters of the ethanol industry about how that corn-based fuel was reducing the price of gasoline. But it was only when I took a trip to Washington with my son and I saw some ads that […]

Christopher Knittel: Reduce fuel consumption–raise the gas tax

My latest paper* looks at the various ways in which we could reduce petroleum consumption in the U.S. The paper looks at the most prominent policies aimed at that end: providing more federal subsidies for hybrid and electric cars, compelling car manufacturers to increase the fuel economy of new vehicles coming off the assembly line, […]

John Sterman on the Great October Snowstorm: Utilities need to cut trees, not costs

From the Boston Globe, November 5, 2011 NEARLY A WEEK after the Great October Snowstorm, thousands were still without power yesterday. Many blame the utilities for delays in restoring the juice, while the utilities argue that trees in full leaf caused unusually high damage. The real problem, however, is the failure of the utilities to […]

MIT and the US Navy team up on alternative energy

From WGBH Greater Boston, September 29, 2011 The world’s largest Navy is going green. The United States Navy and the MIT Sloan School of Management have teamed up in an effort to help wean the Navy off petroleum. Emily Rooney interviews US Navy Energy Security Analyst and MIT EMBA Lt. Damian Blazy and Jonathan Lehrich, […]