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Thomas Malone: Collective intelligence to address climate change — finalists chosen in world-wide contest

It’s been over a year since we launched the Climate CoLab and held our first world-wide contest. Our goal was to create a site to harness the ideas and knowledge of thousands of people to find real solutions to climate change. Inspired by systems like Wikipedia and Linux, we wanted to collect the best collective […]

MIT Sloan economist on “Pain at the Pump”

My latest research* looks at how consumers adjust to high gas prices by changing the kinds of car they buy, and the prices they pay. What launched this research was the debate around the effectiveness of a gas tax to reduce climate change; the goal was to determine whether consumers undervalue fuel economy. If consumers do undervalue […]

Redefining Sustainability

Motivation and aspiration instead of doom and gloom Joking that his students often refer to him as “Dr. Doom,” MIT Sloan Professor and sustainability advocate John Sterman made it clear to the gathered crowd that the time has come for motivation and aspiration. In other words, a lot less scolding and a lot more focus […]

Solving Climate Change with Crowdsourcing

Many people would say that one of the most important problems facing humanity today is global climate change. It is affected by all of our actions, and it will potentially affect every one of us. But even though many scientists, journalists, politicians, businesses, and consumers are talking about this problem, we aren’t even close to […]