Jackie Wilbur: MBA job offers back to pre-recession numbers

Despite the ongoing economic turmoil, the job numbers for our MBA class of 2011 are very strong. In fact, we’re back to the same offer rates we saw before the recession.

As of this writing, 94% of the class has an offer. This is up from 81% last year and closely matches the 93.4% we saw in 2006 and 92.7% in 2007. Similarly, on-campus recruiting opportunities were back to the same levels we saw in 2006 and have so far remained firm as we move into this academic year.

While there are many factors contributing to our job numbers, our deep relationships with strategic management consulting and emerging technologies/innovative companies are not only key areas of focus at MIT Sloan, but also growth sectors in the global economy. As our students have ample opportunities to learn skills relevant to these firms through classes, programs, internships and clubs, it’s not surprising that we see strong interest among students as well as recruiters in these areas.

Within the innovative companies sector, a remarkable area of growth on campus is energy. Several years ago, MIT President Susan Hockfield announced that the Institute is committed to solving the world’s energy crisis. Since that time, energy initiatives (and recruiting opportunities) on campus have taken off.

A good example is MIT Sloan’s Energy and Environment Club, which recently spun off a sub-group called the MIT Water Initiative. Developing a study trip course called “The Business of Water in Asia,” 25 students participated in class sessions that culminated in a two-week trip to Singapore and China to study current and potential opportunities and challenges in water-related businesses. The club has over 50 members.

Although not every sector is showing the same level of growth, we’ve been pleased to see stability in areas such as financial services. Notwithstanding turbulence in capital markets around the world, our MBA and Master of Finance students still have numerous opportunities for full-time and internship positions. We have also seen a growing interest from firms across many different sectors in recruiting students for sustainable supply chain roles.

While we don’t know what lies ahead with the economy, the job numbers from the class of 2011 have given us plenty of reason for optimism. We’re looking ahead to a strong 2011-2012 recruiting season.

Jackie Wilbur is Executive Director of Master’s Programs at MIT Sloan

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    Well, currently US economy is on antibiotics (QE I and QE II). So currently we are in the “treatment” stage of the recovery. To borrow Ray Dalio’s words this is the sweet spot in the otherwise turbulent recover phase of the economic cycle.
    The real test will be in years 2013 and 2014 when economy would be out of the “treatment” phase and would be structurally adjusting to the new normal without any stimulus.
    I imagine the smart folks at MIT also know this fact.

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