MIT’s Jonathan Lehrich talks executive MBA with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg TV

I recently appeared on Stock with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg TV (May 18, 2011)  to discuss MIT’s new executive MBA program. I was pleased to have the opportunity to share with Bloomberg’s viewers what makes the MIT EMBA program unique and how the members of our inaugural class are already applying what they’ve learned to their jobs in corporate America.

As my colleagues know, I am passionate about education, especially at the MIT Sloan School of Management, so spending five minutes talking about our program on national TV made my day.  Pimm didn’t waste much time and jumped right into the question I am most often asked, “What is different about MIT’s EMBA program?”  Although I could go on at length in response to this question (and often do), I only had time for a few highlights.  Speaking on behalf of the world’s center of innovation, entrepreneurship, and global leadership, I explained how we have modernized the MBA degree to meet the evolving needs of highly successful mid-career executives.  Thanks to our analytical approach and focus on experiential learning in the active executive’s schedule, we have moved away from conventional, passive, case-study-fixated MBA curricula.  I believe we may also be the only EMBA program that continuously strives to achieve the simultaneous strategic integration of learning and working, propelling the MIT EMBA ahead of other programs that tend to view work and school as parallel but independent aspects of student life.

Another key element that separates us from other programs is that we recruit the most experienced and successful executives from cutting-edge firms, most of whom already have advanced degrees.  As I stressed to Pimm, our students don’t need this program to succeed because our students are already successful.  Our inaugural class is comprised of 62 highly motivated mid-career professionals who average 17 years work experience.  Next year’s class, for which we are currently recruiting, will have 10 additional spots.  The competition for these spots is fierce and I am constantly impressed by the caliber of students we attract.

If you have a moment, please take a look at the full segment from Bloomberg TV.  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about my first live television experience, the program, or any questions you may have about the MIT EMBA admissions process.

Jonathan Lehrich is Director of the MIT Executive MBA Program 

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